Raspberry Pi MicroSD NOOBS 1.9.0
MicroSD NOOBS 1.9.0 €14,90

MicroSD NOOBS 1.9.0

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Raspberry Pi New Out Of Box Software (NOOBS 1.9.0) microSD Card and SD Card Adapter — Debian Wheezy
The Raspberry Pi was created to introduce children to computing and programming. A key element was to make it as easy as possible to set up. This is where NOOBS comes in. New Out Of Box Software (known as NOOBS), helps you to set up your Pi and is pre-installed on a microSD flash memory card, which also doubles up as an SD card adapter. Simply connect your Pi to a keyboard, mouse, power supply and screen and slot the NOOBS card into the microSD slot. You can now install the operating system that you want to use on your Pi.

What operating systems can I install on NOOBS 1.9.0

  • Raspbian (recommended)
  • Pidora
  • OpenElec
  • RaspBMC
  • Arch Linux
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