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Audio Cable

Buy an audio cable? For musical instrument, telephone or gadget, analog and digital. The possibilities are endless. View the best offer.


A good audio cable is a standard technical part of your audio installation. Good quality cables last longer and the image or sound is much better. You can already feel the quality from the cable itself. The cable is sturdy, but not too stiff. The sleeve feels solid and moves when connected. The connectors are robust and can withstand a blow. You like to invest in a good audio cable. They will give you a lot of pleasure, whether for hobby use or professional use of the audio cables.

Good brands for an audio cable

There are many brands on the market, but the better known brands are: Gembird, Zaolla, Hosa, Garmin and Cableexpert. With these brands you always get a quality product. Please note the circumstances in which you want to use the cables. You can get a copper-free version of the cables from a number of brands. This means that you have much less loss of sound quality due to the solid silver core of the cable. For example, if you want to record sound as a musical artist in a recording studio, it is always good to check whether the best cables are available for this job. Then look for the term 'Silverline cable', then you know it's right. The copper-free variants of the audio cable can also be ordered in lengths other than the standard. This allows you to tailor your installation completely with the correct length of cables.

Audio cable for special musical instruments

There are special cables on the market for connecting a number of specific musical instruments. You can buy a microphone cable, but there is also a special guitar cable and synthesizer cables. You will receive a separate speaker cable to connect your musical instruments to your speakers. A splitter can also be useful to divide the connection. Before purchasing a set of cables, always pay attention to the connectors. For example, there are brands of musical instruments with special connectors. If you invest in good cables, you want to order the right ones right away.

Cables for audio visual connections

Of course, there are many more types of cables than just the audio cable for connecting musical instruments. An optical cable is a solution for connecting image to sound, such as from a DVD player to your speakers. With an optical cable you do not suffer from electromagnetic interference, because the information is sent via the cable via LED signals. If you look at your equipment and see that a coaxial connection is also possible, you can also choose a coaxial cable. These cables do not use LED signals, but electrical signals. The insulation of coaxial cables is better. If you have both connections, you should be able to determine your preference based on sound quality by trying both.

Cables for your phone or gadget

Your phone increasingly has a mini USB connection. If you want to buy an extra set of cables, consider a USB to mini USB cable. It can always be useful to put this in your travel suitcase or bag, so that you are never without cables. If you take photos with your phone or camera while traveling, you can easily download them via cable once you get back to the hotel room. Almost everyone carries multiple devices these days, so the right cables are a standard accessory of your equipment. And a spare cable is never a bad thing. The cables supplied with the product itself are often very short. You should then charge your phone close to the socket. With a longer USB cable, you have more room to play and you can reach your laptop in a very practical way. With the right cables in your luggage, you can perform multiple activities at the same time.

Are you going for analog or digital?

When connecting your sound, you can often choose an analogue or digital audio cable. There may be a difference in the output of the sound, so you decide which sound quality is best for you and what you connect to your receiver. With 7.1 channel analog RCA inputs, you will need an 8 channel cable. This cable is characterized by a central core, but at the beginning and end of this central cable, there are eight smaller cables with various colors. The colors actually speak for themselves. You connect them to the same color on your receiver.

Special cables

A very nice cable to purchase for the holidays is the video grabber. Who doesn't have some old video tapes in their attic that still show the children when they were little? They now have children of their own and you would like to share the memories with them. With the video grabber you can easily connect the necessary equipment to convert the video images into digital images. On a rainy day or when you are bored, you suddenly have a clear goal in mind. Your partner, children and grandchildren will all receive a version of what you converted.

Cabling components

In addition to separate connectors, MIDI connections for a Midi cable and HDMI adapters, you can also order an audio cable with corner connections. A corner connection can be useful, especially if you live in a small home or have little space behind your installation or equipment. The connector with cable does not extend straight back, but goes around the corner. The lifespan and quality of your audio cable is thus guaranteed longer. And it also saves you space in your interior.

Other cables

If you are looking for another audio cable, there is also the multicore cable, adapter cables, FireWire cables, the fiber optic cable and much more. Technology works best with the right connections. If you do not know your own equipment well enough or you have just purchased new equipment and need additional cables, please contact customer service. This way you always buy the right products. This saves you money and time and good advice is worth a lot.

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